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Stop Immigration Fraud

Canadian Migration Program Realities

We believe that it is our duty to keep you updated with the present realities and possible future scenarios with regard to the migration opportunities to Canada. Read More

Migration Services

Zenith Immigration Incorporated is not an employment agency. We are an immigration legal service provider and only facilitate your migration requirements to Canada. Accordingly, we do not provide services for you to find jobs as people do for countries such as Middle East, Korea etc. However, Canadian migration gives you and your whole family the right to work, study, or to do business as long as the activity is not illegal. While you will have an employment upon arrival as part of some visa categories (such as Federal Skilled Worker with LMO Approval), others will have the opportunity to find employment through various government funded employment related programs such as, job search workshops, training, work placement (Co-op programs), mentoring, apprenticeship programs, etc with paid work as part of those programs are available.