Dear Valued Client,

If you are capable and willing to invest, the following paths are available to obtain Citizenship through permanent residence in Canada or Europe.

Business Owners Managers

Sri Lankan business annual turnover above Rs. 100 million & at least 15 employees

Skilled level work experience (ideally managerial) in Sri Lanka

(Not required to own a business in Sri Lanka)

Open a subsidiary of your business in Canada

 Acquire at least 51% of a Canadian business or open a new business/franchise

               Invest at least (C$ 250,000) including expenses           

The main applicant and/or the spouse should have strong educational background and fluency in English (If not, takes a longer time to get the PR)

Managing the business in Canada can be done while in Sri Lanka

              Managing the business must be done while in Canada

Apply PR after one year of setting up the subsidiary and operating while creating at least 2 jobs for Canadians( Some require bigger operations with more job creation)

Apply PR after the business has been operated for one year and create at least 2 jobs for Canadians

( in some cases, as soon as the business has been started) ( Some require bigger operations with more job creation)

The spouse can work or study at lower rates applicable to Canadian citizens, at select universities/colleges

School children education free & university education at lower rates applicable to Canadian citizens, at select universities/colleges  

 Citizenship within 3 – 4 years and as a citizen you can live outside Canada for any number of years without losing the citizenship 

  • While the above is the easiest and faster path for Permanent Residency through business operation in Canada, there are a few different paths that may be good for those who do not meet the above requirements(However, the investment requirement is at least C$ 200,000 through such paths too).

Other Information & Benefits (Canada)

    ·  As a permanent resident, one enjoys almost all rights of a Canadian citizen except the voting rights

    ·  Permanent resident status can be maintained by

 i.  Living in Canada for at least two years (730 days – does not have to be continuous) within every five-year period

 ii.  Even if you live in Sri Lanka, if your spouse has obtained citizenship and he/she lives with you in Sri Lanka for at least two years every five years, you are entitled to keep the Permanent Resident status (without having to live in   Canada)  

     ·   Citizenship of Canada can be obtained after physically living in Canada for three years within any five-year period

     ·    Free universal healthcare after 90 days

     ·    Savings through children’s studies

Eg. Select courses at the University of Toronto cost an international student C$ 55,000 or above PER YEAR (bachelor’s degree course is four years in Canada = C$ 55,000 x 4 = C$ 220,000 for the whole course). However, through this program, your child will annually pay only around C$ 15,000 (the fee paid by a citizen of Canada), for the same course.   Accordingly, you only pay C$ 15,000 x 4 = 60,000.

 Total saving for one child – C$ 220,000 – 60,000 = C$ 160,000

 If you have two children studying at the University of Toronto, the total saving would be C$ 320,000 saving (please note that there are low-cost courses for international students available mostly in other   universities and colleges)

      ·    Being able to take your business to an international level

 All fees payable to Zenith Immigration Lawyers – Total approximately C$ 40,000(Over Rs. 6.5 million) for an average business client ( could be more depending on different strategies required to be adopted for different clients). Please note that the government of Canada, provincial application fees, fees for assessment bodies, etc and third parties(eg. Business plan, Canadian Incorporation) is payable separate.


 Portugal PR to Citizenship leading to European Union Passport  

  •  Investment in a property in Portugal– Euro 340,000 managed by a government-approved investor
  •  No need to own a business or have work experience (only genuine funds are required)
  •  Not required to be resident in Europe to maintain the PR/Citizenship
  •  PR/Citizenship for husband/wife, financially dependent children up to 36 years, and parents over 65 years of age
  •  After obtaining Citizenship ( after five years), can work, study, live in any European Union
  •  (Schengen countries ) countries such as Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands  
  •  Fees and charges including government charges – Approximately – Euro 60,000

 Malta Direct Citizenship Program leading to European Union PR or Citizenship

 Invest Euro 1.1 million and obtain European Passport for the whole family

 Malta Direct Permanent Resident Program

 Invest Euro 180,000 and obtain Malta Permanent Residency 


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