Zenith Eligibility Requirements for FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM under EXPRESS ENTRY

Dear Valued Client

  • The following requirements have been set on 20 July 2021 based on the Express Entry All
    Program Selection Thresholds and other selection realities.
  • Under Federal Skilled Worker Program through Express Entry, Permanent Resident Visa for the immediate family is possible generally within six months from the time of the PR Application (However, whole process could take longer as the preparation work takes time depending on each client’s background and circumstances such as a pandemic). As a Permanent Resident, you are eligible for Canadian citizenship after 3 years of residence in Canada, within the preceding five years.
  • This is not a direct job visa program. However, as a permanent resident, you can find work as all our other clients have done. Also, if you wish you can further study too as a permanent resident.



Below 30 Years  generally

Age below 32 or below

Ontario PNP Program

i. Have specific work experience – Details under Work Experience


ii. Have a brother or sister in Canada, a Permanent Resident or Citizen

Up to age 37 


3 years

Below 30 Any Skilled Occupation                                                                                  (Please see over 14,000 eligible job titles in our website under Eligible Occupations) 

Below 32 – Total at least 3 years of WorkExperience (1 year experience withinthe last 5 years in an Eligibleoccupations for Ontario PNP

(Ontario Demand Occupation List isgiven below) and at least two yearsof three bands experience in anyskilled occupation within the last 10years

(NOC0211)EngineeringManagers,(NOC0711) Construction Manager, (NOC 0731) Managers in Trasportation, (NOC 2161)Mathematicians,statisticians and actuaries 


IT Categories

Software engineers and designers (NOC 2173), Computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC 2174), Computer engineers (NOC 2147), Web designers and developers (NOC 2175), Database analysts and data administrators (NOC 2172), Computer and information systems managers (NOC 0213)


IELTS General Test – Minimum 8 for Listening and 7 each for other bands

  (It is however advisable to obtain slightly higher score in at least two bands (0.5 higher for Listening (8.5), Writing (7.5) and Speaking (7.5) and 1 point higher for Reading( 8)

(These marginal increases(1(Reading & 0.5(other three bands) in each band would give an applicant who is applying from outside Canada without Canadian qualification & experience etc., the highest points for English Language factor).



ANY Master’s degree including General MBA OR PhD or MBBS, OR a Professional Degree in Veterinary, Dentistry, Optometry,Chiropractic or Pharmacy ( To get the highest possible points for an Applicant applying from outside Canada( without Canadian Qualification & Experience etc.)

Exception –  You do not have a Master’s Degree at present **

You have a Bachelor Degree or 3 Year Diploma + Another diploma (at least one year)


You are below 29 years with any diploma and at least two years of experience, we may consider accepting you as a client, suppose you are ready to obtain a Master’s Degree (Details given below) 

What's Next!

If you meet the above criteria, please send an email to with the message ‘ I confirm that I presently meet or will meet the above requirements in the foreseeable future’.

Upon such confirmation, we will contact you with information on how to proceed one  on one PAID CONSULTATION conducted by the Manager, Immigration , Zenith Immigratoin Lawyers who will provide information and assessment underthe direct guidance and supervision of the most experienced Immigration Attorney, Bandula Abeysinghe, Attorney at Law and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICCRC-R406319( )  to see if we are willing to accept you as a client.

A fee of Rs. 2500 will be applicable for a consultation.


Migration is a serious decision

Migration is a serious decision that changes your and your family’s life. If you do care for your own future, please take time to read the above information and watch the videos available through the links below so that you could gather quite a lot of related information free of charge. If you are unable to spend time on doing those tasks with due care, we are unfortunately unable to assist you any further. The above requirements have been set on 10 February 2021 based on the Federal Skilled Worker, Express Entry All Program Selection Thresholds and other realities in the recent past, especially last one year. Please note that we do not accept clients under any other program and neither do we generally provide Provincial Nominee, student visa and/or Work Visa services. Under Express Entry, Permanent Resident Visa for the immediate family is possible generally within six months  from the time of PR Application( delays possible in situations such as a pandemic or complexities in your application). As a Permanent Resident  , you are eligible for Canadian citizenship after 3 years of residence in Canada. Please note that this is not a direct job visa program. However, as a permanent resident, you can find work or study or do any other legal thing in Canada.

Note:If you are below 36 years with Master’s Degree, 3 years of skilled work experience, IELTS General

(At least 8 Listening,7 each for the other three bands) and French (TEF Canada / TCF Canada) CLB Level 7, then you can migrate to any province other than Quebec under the current rules and regulations from IRCC. (14.09.2021)

Important Information through videos

Is it possible to migrate to Canada with 6 each IELTS?

  You can submit your own application – Do it Yourself -DIY

  Why Zenith Immigration?

  Studying overseas or not


Theory and Reality – IELTS 6 is sufficient to apply Eligibility to Apply does not necessarily mean you would get the visa. You are Eligible to Apply to Enter a Sri Lankan university with 3 S passes in AL. But you need higher results to get selected. Likewise, you may be Eligible to Apply for Federal Skilled Worker under Express Entry with 6 each IELTS passes, wit a diploma and even if you are 45 years, but chances of getting selected is so low for such applicants. Therefore, we recommend that you watch the video (link given below) titled ‘Is it possible to migrate to Canada with 6 each IELTS?’)

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Be Connected for Updates  

Please note that due to high volume of inquiries, we regret that we are unable to answer phone calls. Casual methods such as online assessments, over the phone information and/or assessments made by staff (not by the Consultant) could only harm your future and could make you lose your hard-earned money by falling prey to unscrupulous, bogus, unauthorized representatives or fraudsters.   

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Provincial Nominations and Job Offers

As a responsible firm, we do not wish to give you hope and charge fees when there is no high possibility of getting the visa.   Please note that we do not accept clients for Provincial Nominee Programs as possibility of getting visa under such programs are low( comparatively) and unpredictable as they change their criteria , eligibility lists etc. quite often , in our experience and opinion. Therefore, as a responsible firm, we are unfortunately not able to give high hopes to our clients through such programs.  Also, please note that we are not able to find you job offers either.

  • You do not have to pay an immigration lawyer or a consultant. Just like you can buy medicine from a pharmacy without going to a doctor, you can submit your own application.
  •  Neither does Zenith Immigration recommend Canada nor says Canada is better than Sri Lanka or any other country. In this electronic age, through all the information at your disposal, you should determine whether it is the best option for your future. If you determine so, as the longest serving Immigration Law Firm in Sri Lanka, we may well be able to help you if only you meet the criteria below.

If you do not meet the above criteria, Zenith Immigration unfortunately will not be able to assist you in such an event. However, Zenith Immigration not accepting you as a client may not be the end of the road. you may still be Eligible to Apply even if we are not willing to accept you as a client. In an event Zenith Immigration is not accepting you as a client, we recommend that you obtain a second opinion from another immigration firm (However, be careful as there are lots of organizations and individuals that operate in Sri Lanka that promise visa, but practically have much lower chance of getting the visa).