i. Canada announced a significant increase to the migrant intake in the three-year Immigration Plan (2021 – 2023) unveiled two weeks ago. Accordingly, Canada is set to equal the 1913 record of 401,000 migrant intake, soon with the year 2021 allocating 401,000 PR spots for migrant aspirants and break the record with 411,000 in 2022 and 421,000 in 2023 respectively.
ii. Despite the Covid 19 sending shockwaves across the world, Canada resumed FSW All Category Selection of PR applicants in July 2020 and seems to have settled with the normal regular draw pattern.
iii. The largest ever Selection Draw since Express Entry was introduced in January 2015 was announced with 5000 Invitations to Apply for Permanent Resident Visa being issued on 18 November 2020
Does this mean you, the individual applicant is benefited? 
The selection points threshold once went down to as low as 413 ( in 2017). However, as things stand now, it is likely to hover within the 470’s, unless the possibilities given below cause the selection threshold to dip once in a while as we have seen in the past.
Why such positives have not benefited the individual applicant that much?
The Selection Threshold is simply determined by Supply & Demand. Canadian government in fact has increased the Supply as mentioned above. The bad news for the individual client however comes from their own side. More specifically, with greater number of applicants making applications, the Demand has increased. This is because the Canadian immigration program is becoming popular day by day, for its consistency, Canada’s strong G7 economy and the migrant friendliness. Unlike in some other countries, where immigrants are treated in a love hate relationship , so far the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program criteria has virtually unchanged for nearly 6 years and Canada welcomes immigrants with arms wide open valuing them as a main driving force of her economy.
Will the Selection Points Threshold go above 470’s?
When generalized, the Practical Maximum an Average Applicant could score is between 475 – 481 (Suppose the criteria is not changed (it has not changed for six long years).
Average Applicant means – Applicant applying from outside Canada, who has no Canadian Connection and/or a PhD.
Canadian Connection means –
i. Sister or brother living in Canada, who is a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident
ii. Canadian Diploma or degree
iii. Canadian work experience
Since applicants with Canadian Connections or with PhD are not that common, Selection Threshold is bound to stay in 470’s or take a dip below 470 once in a while(Explanation given below). While this is not a guarantee Zenith Immigration can give, this is the best educated guess we can make after considering all the past patterns, thresholds and the statistics at our disposal.
Can the Selection Points Threshold go below 470 ?
Yes. In the past, we have seen pattern breaks with sudden dips giving many languishing clients the reprieve with the surprise selection. Such one off plummeting, though few and far between is good enough for an applicant to be fished out of the pool, leading to Permanent Resident Visa in Canada. Such sudden dips are generally caused by one of the below occurrences or both in combination.
i. Larger than usual number of applicants being drawn in a single draw
ii. Two draws happening one week apart each other (Generally draws happen every two weeks)
** While we were about to finalize this message, a draw was announced confirming the above scenario, bringing the score down to 469 on 25.11.2020 draw with 5000 ITA issued
(Draw happened after one week from the previous draw on 18.11.2020 and the number of applicants drawn today equals the highest( 5000) seen in Express Entry Draws so far ).
Flash in the Pan?
However, with the demand seen and unfolding for this program, we are still in the opinion that being in the 470’s in terms of the Express Entry score is much safer for any client as with the so many positives of Canada and Canada’s consistency ( not moving the goal post for six long years in terms of FSW program criteria), the demand is likely to grow bigger putting more pressure on the Selection Threshold. While we are happy to see a lower Selection Threshold, this 469 draw could well be a Flash in the Pan as most of the signs of this program so far suggest.
Who can be in that lucky mark range 470’s?
Those who are below 30, having a Master’s , 3 years of skilled work experience( which may even include training/internships) and IELTS at least 8 for listening and 7 each for other bands in General Test ( ideally 0.5 above that level for at least two bands) could reach this points level( there could be very few exceptions though).
Can you see yourself in that lucky range?
Age is something you cannot change. However,
Educational Qualification
ANY Master’s degree OR PhD or MBBS, OR a Professional Degree in Veterinary, Dentistry, Optometry, LLB, Chiropractic or Pharmacy ( To get the highest possible points for an Applicant applying from outside Canada( without Canadian Qualification & Experience etc.)
• Obtaining a master’s degree from a Sri Lankan university (generally takes about 2 years) OR from a UK university through an affiliated college in Sri Lanka takes only around 1 year and may be followed online and/or part time basis. It is not compulsory to possess a bachelor’s degree to enter a Master’s degree program. Experience alone or experience plus a basic post-secondary certificate may well be sufficient to get enrolled in a Master’s program (Please check with the educational institutes in Sri Lanka offering UK Master’s through affiliation for more details( We are unable to provide any further details on this)
Work Experience
In Any Skilled Occupation may be acceptable (Please see over 14,000 eligible job titles in our website under Eligible Occupations)
• Most of the time, experience accumulated before the qualification (pre-qualification experience) and also trainee periods and internship periods MAY BE be accepted (Final determination as to whether we can consider such periods will only be made by the consultant).
Five Letter Word
While the age cannot be changed, the experience and the qualification can be added. However, the five letters IELTS act as the most critical factor for many. Those who persevere however break this barrier as we have seen with many clients in the past. At Zenith Immigration, we refer our clients to few top tutors who have made the difference to many of our clients in the past, by helping them achieve the desired results. In short, even 0.5 difference could mean a world of a difference to your life.
Good and the Ugly in one package
There is a possibility for a Demand Occupation List to be introduced as seen in pre 2015 era. This could be good news for some (who have at least one year experience within the past ten years in an occupation in a possible List of Demand Occupations). Such a scenario will see some with less IELTS, higher age and less qualifications getting the nod, while others fall through the crack created by such a Demand List.
However, there is no official or unofficial news about the arrival of such a Demand Occupation List. But surprises normally come out of the blue like Covid 19. Therefore, it is better to secure your opportunity with a sense of urgency.
What about Provincial Nomination? AIPP, Atlantic Program, Northern Pilot Program etc.
Zenith Immigration has so many successful clients who have migrated through provincial programs in the past. However, presently for many good reasons, we do not accept clients showing the prospect of such provincial nomination possibility(however there are exceptions such as IT Professionals and few select categories below 35 with Master’s who we may accept selectively).
Legal and Procedural Scenarios
The requirements applicable to the Express Entry Profile Validity( Meeting the FSW minimum criteria ) and the CRS Score(points required to receive an ITA( Invitation to Apply for PR) are governed by two different sets of rules. For example, while you may lose 5 CRS points( Express Entry Points) upon turning 30 years of age and thereafter( in varying degrees), until you turn 35, the increase of age will have no impact on the Express Entry profile validity.
Do you need to pay a third party like Zenith Immigration?
No. Just like you can buy your own medicine from the pharmacy and take it, you can submit your own application.
Then why Zenith Immigration?
It is up to the client to decide whether they want to get the professional assistance or not in securing the once in a lifetime opportunity that is worth in millions. We have seen clients coming to us with refusals for the simple mistakes and/or the lack of the legal/procedural knowledge. In short, if the ball is hit right, it will land beyond the boundary line, if not it could be a catch and out.
At Zenith, we dream your dream with you and will do everything realistically possible within our limits to make it come true. We however are highly selective in accepting clients. For one reason, since our consultant personally handles all applications directly dealing with the clients, our capacity is limited.
We wish you all the best.
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