Canada Migration Update 

While we have mostly had bad news from March 2020, there are encouraging developments in terms of migration to Canada.

First, I would like you to read the most recent update on Migration to Canada

  1. PR Applications already submitted –  Within the last one month, Zenith Immigration received seven Permanent Resident Visas for our clients ( Two of them were Ontario Provincial Nominees who applied around March/April 2021, one was a Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee who applied in around November 2020) and four Direct FSW Selected clients( without Provincial Nominations( two of them applied in early 2020, other two applied in March and September 2021). Also, we are receiving medical and police clearance update requests for other clients one by one at the moment. I therefore request you to wait patiently as it is highly likely those who applied in 2020 and 2021 all to receive final decisions within the next six months allowing the successful clients to migrate within 2022. However, depending on the officer and the complexities involved, and as per other visa processing and internal procedures, there could be inconsistencies in issuing visas. For example, those who applied in September 2020 receiving the visa earlier, while those who applied in May 2020 receiving the visa later. Therefore, please refrain from making requests or being agitated with unreliable information, pressing us for unnecessary inquiry requests to Immigration Canada, disturbing our staff requesting updates. As I have informed earlier, any extra service will be billed as per the agreement terms and conditions and therefore, not to make us waste our time. However, if you have a legitimate inquiry, please contact us through email (WhatsApp and calls are recommended if the matter is highly urgent).


Updated Police Clearance Certificates and Medicals


Today we received repeat medicals and updated police clearance requests for most of the clients who submitted their PR applications in 2020 and 2021. Please submit a new application for the police clearance report exactly as per the request made by Immigration Canada, generally to cover the period up to now from the last day covered in the previous police clearance reports( This is not the date of issuance of the report, but the last date given below in the body of the report for the period covered in that report). Please make sure you do not leave gaps between the new report and the previous report. Also, please submit the new police clearance application without delay as there could be delays due to the country situation in Sri Lanka.


  1. Those who are already in the Express Entry Pool and/or in the process of getting in to the Pool 

The Minister of Immigration officially announced that the Express Entry Selection Draws would resume in July 2022( It was paused to facilitate to clear the application backlog). Therefore, please make sure your Express Entry Profile is valid( general validity is one year, but expiry of IELTS etc could invalidate the profile earlier).

iii.         Provincial Nominations – However, if you wish to be considered for Alberta Provincial Nomination( we even received a nomination recently for one of our clients and currently in the process of making the PR application), your Express Entry Profile has to be resubmitted before it completes 7 months in the pool( Please note that Zenith Immigration requires the client to inform and work with us one month prior to any such Express Entry validity deadline).

  1. Settlement Funds

Unfortunately, Sri Lankan rupee has sharply depreciated requiring the clients to keep more money in the accounts so that they can meet the Settlement Funds requirement in Canadian dollars. Please make sure you maintain required funds for at least 7 weeks before the date of Express Entry Profile submission for many a practical reason. If you have concerns about maintain funds, and the ways to meet the requirements legally, please contact me direct.

Encouraging emerging scenarios


Canada has hit the lowest unemployment rates in more than four decades meaning there is a shortage of skilled workers in Canada. This puts pressure on the government to speed up taking more and more skilled workers faster to Canada. However, this requirement is checked with the processing challenges such as trained staff. However, Immigration Canada expects to return to Six month processing time( for majority applications) from the day of PR application submission, within the next few months.

Meeting Eligibility Requirements


Unless you are lucky to be selected by a province like  Alberta

(chances are remote though) with 6 each in IELTS in each band,  your chances of migration lies mainly with the following

  1. Saskatchewan province –

Ideal minimum requirement to reach a satisfactory level of selection(not a 100% guaranteed level though), is 7.5 Listening and 6.5 each in other bands IELTS)

  1. Ontario Provincial Nomination Without meeting at least 8 for listening and 7 each in other three bands in IELTS

iii.         Direct Selection without Provincial Nomination –  While the minimum requirement is 8 for listening and 7 each in other three bands, obtaining  8.5 Listening, 8 for Reading and 7.5 each in other two bands would give you the maximum points for language , elevating your chance of success


Easier said than done/ Wishful thinking  


Knowledge of French could make a world of difference to an applicant,  in many ways.

  1. Adding points to the Saskatchewan Expression of Interest and making your chances greater – From A2 level you could add few points each
  2. Adding critical 62 points if you reach B2 level with the possibility of getting the Canadian PR even if you up to the age of 40 years and sometimes above 40 years

Many may say it is easier said than done to learn French. However, if you look at the practical situations such as thousands of Sri Lankans who go to China, Japan, European countries for studies or work , where they have to learn a totally foreign language, and become successful, investing your time in learning French with real commitment should not be brushed aside as something not practical( French learning advantage is mostly applicable for those above the age 29 years).

While French knowledge means ‘make or break’ for some clients, with French knowledge in Canada, you are highly likely to get a better job, better pay, government jobs and be in greater demand. Therefore, learning French would not be a waste at all rather than languishing and blaming the political situation and immigration application processing delays etc( However, French knowledge is not a must to submit an Express Entry Profile and/or to receive an Invitation to Apply( ITA) for permanent resident visa).

If you are willing and committed to explore this possibility, you may learn French on your own or join the crash course we have been conducting virtually at Zenith Immigration.

Important instructions – Application handling priorities and realities 

Please always read the instructions sent by us carefully and let us receive all the documents and details as requested. After that only we can place your application/profile work in the queue( Until we are satisfied that you have submitted all the documents and details as requested, we  will not be able to place your matter in the queue). Once your matter is so placed in the queue,  it will be attended by the relevant staff member under my supervision, on ‘First come, first served’ basis, as mentioned in the agreement.

Please note that  due to us having more than few applicants to deal with at any given time,we are not able to submit the application or profile to the relevant organization( ECA authority or Immigration Canada) as soon as or within a few days of you submitting your documents/details to us. This unfortunately  may mean you miss an opportunity for selection during such ‘wait in the queue’ time and therefore we advise you to submit all required documents and details without dealy and get in to our queue as fast as possible so that such adverse situation ( such as missing a selection draw) can be minimized.

However, please be assured that living up to the high standards we have set and maintained for over 21 years, we will strive to attend to your matter as soon as possible. However, if you feel that there is an undue delay or any concern, please do not hesitate to contact me through email ( – Official method) or WhatsApp direct through 0777 898  248( Sri Lanka and abroad), or mobile( In Sri Lanka – 0777 898 248, 647 896 4843( In Canada).

Future prospects

Federal Skilled Worker program through Express Entry has been solid since January 2015 in terms of the criteria, except for the dent made by Covid 19 since March 2020. With the new developments mentioned above,


On the Valentine Day 2022 , Canada announced that it would take more migrants in the coming three years than in the past. With the Canadian unemployment rate hitting the rock bottom recently, chances of becoming a Canadian permanent resident are still alive for the right candidate. However, the higher demand for Canada migration means the journey may well not be a cake walk for most. In other words, only the Fittest would survive in the game of Canada migration, not the Feeble.

Therefore, I earnestly request you to be determined, leave no stone unturned without waiting for a star to fall on your lap. Also, persistence, resilience and of course patience are virtues in this journey.

I look forward to working with me with my staff in making your dream come true.