Your Trusted Canadian Immigration Consultant

Bandula Abeysinghe


  • Attorney at Law (Sri Lanka)
  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
  • Notary Public (Sri Lanka)
  • Commissioner for Oaths (Sri Lanka)
  • Registered Company Secretary (Sri Lanka)
  • Sworn Translator (Sinhalese–English) (Sri Lanka)
A few words from our CEO
Immigration Consultant Bandula Abeysinghe

Dear Valued Client,

The decision to migrate should be made after considering many aspects as it would redefine your entire life. Once decided, it becomes a dream. Zenith Immigration, therefore, strives not to leave any room for error and to ensure that you do not step on legal or procedural landmines on your path to securing the ultimate goal, Canadian permanent residence leading to dual citizenship.

As a migrant, you not only prosper as an individual, but also would help Canada as a productive immigrant so that Canada could improve her competitive edge as a G7 nation. Furthermore, in addition to the foreign exchange (38% of foreign worker remittances to Sri Lanka come from migrants living in the developed countries),  your motherland could make good use of your developed nation exposure in various ways in the quest of making Sri Lanka a developed nation, which this beautiful nation has the potential and reserve.

Migration also has provided Sri Lanka the opportunity to create a resilient global Sri Lankan community acting as ambassadors from a beautiful smart nation, making Mother Lanka proud in the global arena.


Migration is so serious a decision that you are advised not to use convenient methods such as over the phone assessments and plunge headlong in to the process in haste without having a clear idea of your final eligibility, of the risks and the challenges involved and also of the representative. We advise you to attend one of our Information Sessions if you meet the eligibility criteria given in our website and/or other publications.



Attorney at Law (Sri Lanka)

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant – R406319  



Zenith Immigration Lawyers, Sri Lanka has formed Vebhara Group with a view to a greater future.

In an era where there were no properly recognized professionals with relevant qualifications and experience to cater to the needs in the immigration legal field, in Sri Lanka, Zenith Immigration Lawyers was founded and presided by Bandula Abeysinghe, Attorney at Law in the year 2000, in Sri Lanka. In forming the first ever specialized and dedicated law firm for Canada Migration in Sri Lanka, he not only filled a professional vacuum but also used his extensive law courts experience (where he once held the position of the Secretary of the Bar Association, Marawila) to take the firm to greater heights. Today Zenith Immigration stands out and stands tall in the field of immigration legal services in Sri Lanka through the results brought about to the clients which have greatly contributed toward creating a global Sri Lankan identity. Zenith Immigration Lawyers, Sri Lanka with the additions of Zenith Immigration Inc., Ontario, Canada and The Glenrock Pvt Ltd.Belihuloya, Sri Lanka – www.theglenrock.com) are a group of companies with a solid history.  


Canada Migration Services are provided at Zenith Immigration by Bandula Abeysinghe, Attorney at Law (Sri Lanka), in the capacity of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (CCIC Membership No. R406319)


How to obtain Zenith Immigration services

How to obtain Zenith Immigration services